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BEST BURGER Krekel’s Custard and Hamburgers 2120 North Grand Avenue, 525-4952. What do you get when you take a ball of fresh ground beef, place it on a sizzling hot griddle, smash it until nearly paper thin, and cook it until the edges are crispy? According to IT voters you get a “Krekel burger”—the best burger in town.

Krekel’s began serving up hot, delicious burgers in Decatur in 1949, opening the Springfield establishment in 1993. Most diners describe Krekel’s as a “blast from the past.” To fully understand where they are coming from, you must grab a bite inside. The retro décor will have you looking around for Fonzie, Richie and the rest of the “Happy Days” gang.

Though it’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen the Krekel vehicle — a big 1970s Cadillac, with a rooster head on the roof and a paint-job resembling a chicken — thousands of Springfieldians and out-of-towners continue to flock to Krekel’s for a good old-fashioned burger.